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XPG - The Podcast Ep.9 “Remastered”

September 3, 2015

Remastered // FFVII remake Top 10 changes, MGSV:TPP First Impressions,  Ape Escape Remastered, PSnow changing the future of Sony consoles, “Spam Sushi”

Xperience Gaming with Dan (DaSilvanator), Jon ( Wyldkard), Kyle (Lord of VVaffle), Barba (Kuma) and a new addition Joseph (IndicaPenguin).We ask our new Gatherer “What kind of gamer are you?”, discuss a silly thing as sushi in video games, advertise our Star Wars: The Old Republic guild (The Grand Geek Empire on Harbinger[US]), have a very vocal discussion on the remake of Final Fantasy 7, and suddenly want a remake of Ape Escape! All this and more on this episode of XPG(Xperience Gaming): The Podcast!

Xperience Gaming with:

Dan - Scaryroker (PS4) DaSilvanator (Steam) DaS1lvanator#1264 (

Jon - TruWyldkard89 (PS4) Wyldkard (Steam)  Wyldkard#1577 (

Barba - Heki gazou (Steam) KumaKun#1418 (

Kyle - Lord0fVVaffle (PS4) McNut102493 (Steam) Lordofwaffle#1443 (

Joseph - IndicaPenguin(Xbox1/Steam) IndicaPengui#1764 (

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