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XPG - The Podcast Ep.8 “Settling In”

August 25, 2015

Settling In // WW2 Reborn, great year of gaming, music genre, SWTOR resubscribed.  

Xperience Gaming with Dan (DaSilvanator), Jon ( Wyldkard), Kyle (Lord of VVaffle), Louis (Decafzzz), Barba (Kuma) and a quick appearance by Corona (MChammer72)  as we create a new Assassin’s Creed title set in World War 2, tell stories when we were forced to play certain games due to lack of internet, realize that the music genre of video games is coming back, and more! We are also so excited to get back on Star Wars: The OId Republic on Harbinger server for the Empire. All this and more on this episode of XPG(Xperience Gaming): The Podcast!

Xperience Gaming with:

Dan - Scaryroker (PS4) DaSilvanator (Steam) DaS1lvanator#1264 ( Dannathan (SWTOR/Harbinger)

Jon - TruWyldkard89 (PS4) Wyldkard (Steam)  Wyldkard#1577 (

Barba - Heki gazou (Steam) KumaKun#1418 (

Kyle - Lord0fVVaffle (PS4) McNut102493 (Steam) Lordofwaffle#1443 (

Louis - decafzzz (Xbox1/steam) decafzzz#1303 (

Corona - MCHammer72 (Xbox1)

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