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XPG - The Podcast Ep.5 “Who We Are”

July 30, 2015

What kind of Gamer are you?

We discuss our gaming persona including the addition of a fourth role to the Holy Trinity (wink wink, Blizzard...), Dan having trouble putting a new CPU heatsink, Corona confused about the word "Motherboard", a filthy pirate joke that does not get edited, MOBA differences, THE FACT THAT JON IS NOT A TOLKIEN FAN, MMOs Revamped, and more on this episode of XPG (XPerience Gaming): The Podcast "Who we are"

Xperience Gaming with

Dan - Scaryroker (PS4) DaSilvanator (Steam) DaS1lvanator#1264 (

Jon - TruWyldkard89 (PS4) Wyldkard (Steam)  Wyldkard#1577 (

Corona - MCHammer72 (Xbox One)

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