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XPG - The Podcast Ep.6 “L.A.N. Friends”

August 12, 2015

Local Area Network Friends. L.A.N. Friends

Xperience Gaming with our new players Decafzzz (Louis from our Destiny podcast) and LordOfWaffle (Kyle) as we go back to times when we played games with our friends in the same household. The time before public testing and level editors on console games. The time when we had to use a computer to make an Xbox go online. All this and more on this episode of XPG (XPerience Gaming): The Podcast "L.A.N. Friends"

Xperience Gaming with

Dan - Scaryroker (PS4) DaSilvanator (Steam) DaS1lvanator#1264 (

Jon - TruWyldkard89 (PS4) Wyldkard (Steam)  Wyldkard#1577 (

Louis - Decafzzz (Xbox One/Steam) Decafzzz#1303 (

Kyle - Lord0fVVaffle (PS4) McNut102493 (Steam) Lordofwaffle#1443 (

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