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The Gathering Ep. 38: Supernatural Dice Rolling

August 7, 2015

Peter Dink-less Destiny, D&D Film, Comicbook costume to Film Adaptations, and a lot Super talk about Superman!

Hello Gatherers! Welcome to episode 38 of 'The Gathering!' Join our host Aelynn with Gatherers Tyler, Joseph (IndicaPenguin @ twitter), Corona, Albert from Who’s What Where’s Why, and XPG’s Dan (aka DaSilvanator) as “The Engineer” as they discuss such geeky topics like Bungie’s debatable success with Destiny, Deadpool marketing, a roundtable’s best comic costume film adaptation, Aelynn’s love for Superman Returns, Supernatural compared to Highlander, and Albert believing CW will create an incest love triangle with Wally, Iris, and Barry.

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