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The Gathering Ep. 33: Peeping Cons

June 26, 2015

James Horner, Spider-Man Casting, Comic Con International losing big studios, New York Comic-Con and Anime Expo experience, Star Wars Fridays, Tyler's DC/WB predictions at SDCC, and Hannibal’s cancellation!

Join Evan, Dan, Albert, and Tyler this week  as they dive into the world comic conventions! Gather round as we summarize the work of an amazing composer James Horner, analyze Marvel/Sony's casting of the third Spider-Man actor, and discuss the Convention Season (and lack of winter cons). Comic-Con predictions, the best anime for starters, and  Tyler takes Ambient!!!!  

Fireside Chat: Hannibal fans being cordial and supportive! Go you fans!

RIP - James Horner

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