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IndiComix w/ Jeff Ep. 9: SDCC Terry Dodson & Marc Silvestri

July 20, 2015

SDCC! Last interview edition! The master, Terry Dodson, and the legend, Marc Silvestri, sit down with Jeff and Tyler in this amazing episode of IndiComix! Enjoy this show! We miss Comic Con so much and are so happy to have met some of our heroes from the past couple of decades! We will be back to our normal format on the next episode of IndiComix w/ Jeff!

Terry Dodson




Check out:

‘Red One’

‘Star Wars: Princess Leia’

‘Ghost’ from Dark Horse

Marc Silvestri




Check out:

‘Rise of the Magi’

‘Cyber Force’

‘Witchblade: Born Again Vol. 1’

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