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GamerKulture Ep. 3 “The eSports Episode”

November 10, 2015

There's no "friends" when you PVP in...the GamerKulture Arena!

...aka The eSports Episode

Episode 3
GamerKulture is the video game division of the Grand Geek Gathering network which includes articles (, Facebook, Twitter, occasional streams and podcasts. This podcast welcomes the diverse and large society that has been developed from this gaming way of living and includes some of the personalities from this GamerKulture that affects us all:

D.A.Silvanator (Dan)

Kuma (Barba)

WyldKard (Jon)

Decafzzz (Louis)

Special Guests:
Paul Ward, Founder of the eSports Arena
For more information on the eSports Arena:

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